Your guests will taste the difference.

Whether you’re a hotel, entertainment complex, casino, country club, or ski resort your guests want to experience your fine dining. RF Hunter pure oil filtration allows the best taste to shine through – while saving money and keeping kitchens cleaner.

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The secret behind successful kitchens

RF Hunter pure oil filtration systems filter deep fryer oil more quickly, efficiently, and safely. With RF Hunter, you can reduce the amount of oil you require by 50% while providing delicious, fresh, and crisp tasting food. 

Custom Quality Since 1945

The RF Hunter name stands for quality, safety, and durability. We’ve been providing pure oil filtration equipment to customers all over the world since 1945.

Reduce Costs

Cut waste and reduce your frying oil costs by over 50%.

Improve Taste

Cleaner oil improves the quality of your fried food.

Safe & Reliable

Designed for safe, efficient pure oil filtration.


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